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SOL Financial Group highly recommends the Sydney division of
Metropole property strategists - a buyers agency who are the leading experts in wealth creation via property investment.

Metropole Buyers Agency
brings over 35 years of experience and in excess of $2 billion worth of property transactions, and as such are well positioned to provide you with comprehensive and strategic property advice.

As an experienced mortgage broker and financial planner with over 13 years combined in these fields alone (19 years in finance), I have witnessed firsthand Metropole’s expertise in securing the ‘right’ property investments in the ‘right’ locations for their clients. Ultimately, this ensures the property investment is secured at the ‘right’ price and also with minimal risk. Further to this, the property investment strategy is tailored to the clients comfort levels and in line with their overall wealth plans.

From the Metropole clients I have been fortunate enough to deal with, many of whom are repeat, they cannot speak highly enough of their experiences. This alone speaks for itself, as repeat clients are satisfied (& wealthy) clients, especially when it comes to personal finances.

Further to this, SOL Financial Group’s investment philosophy agrees with that of Metropole’s, with a focus on compounding growth and income, via correct and tax effective finance structures, all suited to your lifestyle and financial position.

Whether you’re after a Sydney buyer’s agent for strategic property advice, or a way to wealth creation through a comprehensive property investment strategy, Metropole is your answer.

SOL invites you to contact George Raptis from the Metropole Sydney office on (02) 9327 2266, or alternatively, you can call Jarrod Simpson on 0404 195 076 (M) to discuss this further.

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Disclaimer: The information herein are solely the views of SOL Financial Group. The information is not intended as investment, financial, legal, taxation, building, development or any other advice and must not be relied upon as such. You should obtain independent professional advice and make further independent enquiries before making financial, legal, taxation, building, development or investment decisions. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. SOL Financial Group and Metropole does not predict or guarantee capital growth, rental or investment returns or profits and expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any direct or indirect damage, loss, claims, costs, or expenses, as a result of relying on any capital growth, rental, development estimates or investment returns based on information given or omitted by SOL Financial Group and Metropole or any of its associates, directors or employees.

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Great service and friendly advice... happy clients!

Great service and friendly advice... happy clients!

SOL has built up an ever growing loyal customer base over the years, whether it be through expert home loan advice, investment property loans or through other financial solutions. We understand that our greatest asset are our clients, so we appreciate it when they refer us to others in need of advice. See what some of them have to say here...