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 SOL Financial Group provide a range of financial services with a focus on home loan advice and investment property loans. Our expert financial advisors provide financial advice in all areas including insurance, superannuation, investment, saving for retirement and building wealth.

Home Loans

Our friendly and professional staff are highly experienced in negotiating home loans and can provide with the very best home loan advice. SOL financial group has years of experience in finding the right home loan for our clients, based on their financial circumstances now and into the future.

We will provide expert home loan advice and negotiate with financial institutions to find you the best rates, the lowest fees and exceptional service.

Some of the home loan advice we provide:
  • Budget planning and mortgage payment calculations
  • Advice for accessing home buyers grants and stamp duty concessions
  • Refinancing home loans to obtain a better deal
  • Applying for low document loans
  • Obtaining the best possible deal on your mortgage
Contact our friendly staff today to access our expert home loan advice.

Investment Property Loans

The property market remains a fantastic choice for building long term wealth, particularly if you understand how to arrange your finances to maximise returns. Our financial advisors provide the best investment property loans and advice in Australia and can help you obtain returns beyond your expectations.
SOL financial group can provide expertise with your property investment loan and advise you on:

  • Creating a property investment plan and selecting the best investment property for that plan
  • Obtaining the perfect property investment loan for your situation
  • Maximising tax advantages from your investment property
  • Investing in property through self managed super funds
If you require an investment property loan, contact us today — it is our speciality!


Insurance is essential to protect your wealth and your family. SOL Financial Group offer wide ranging advice on all types of insurance.

We can help you with personal insurance planning, income protection insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, business insurance, car insurance, home insurance and more. SOL Financial Group can help you get the best possible deal on your insurance premiums and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars annually.


Most people underestimate the amount of superannuation they will need when they retire. SOL Financial Group can help you calculate what you will need to retire comfortably and set up a superannuation plan to get you there. We provide independent financial advice with your well being our primary concern.


SOL Financial Group can provide personally tailored investment plans to help you reach your wealth creation and wealth protection goals. We focus on you individual circumstances to build an investment plan that suits you perfectly. Our investment plans will help you grow your income, protect your assets and meet any long term goals you may have.


We also specialise in helping retirees or people about to reach retirement plan their finances. SOL Financial Group can provide you with advice on all financial matters including saving, investing in shares, investing in property, insurance, cashing out superannuation, estate planning, when to retire and how much income you will require once retired. Let our expert financial advisers focus on your financial security so you can simply enjoy your retirement years.

Strategic Advice

Strategic financial advice provides a ground up approach to managing your finances. After conducting a strategic review of your current assets and liabilities, we identify your financial goals and build a long term financial plan to get you there. We plan everything out for you including dealing with you cash flow, handling debts and planning for retirement. Our expert financial consultants can create a personally tailored plan to get you to your financial goals as quickly as possible.

Contact us now to get started building a more prosperous and secure financial future.

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Great service and friendly advice... happy clients!

Great service and friendly advice... happy clients!

SOL has built up an ever growing loyal customer base over the years, whether it be through expert home loan advice, investment property loans or through other financial solutions. We understand that our greatest asset are our clients, so we appreciate it when they refer us to others in need of advice. See what some of them have to say here...